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Food for your Maine Coon can be bought in all kind of brands, qualities, prices and types. Hopefully, the article gives a more clear image of what is suitable for you cat and what is not.

Normaly, just like any other cat, the Maine Coon eats dry food (kibble). This food can be given in a bowl, refilling several times a day. Most cast won't eat more kibbles than they need, therefore you don't need to remove the bowl after they have eaten.

Foto: Chuck and his mother by Rameseum

Some people give their Maine Coons also wet food for variation, but this is not really suitable as the main food. However some wet food can be given sometimes as a reword or every once in a while. This because most of the cats love this food and therefore don't eat enough of the dry food.
In some cases, the wet food will cause diarrhoea, then it is advisable to don't give this any longer to the cat(s).

For Maine Coon kittens, it is wise to give them ( a certain percentage of ) kitten food replacing this later in steps with adult food. Often the breeder will advice you for how long and what type of food can be given the best to the kitten.

Which food brand is the best can't be said, each brand has it's pros and cons and everybody has it own preference. Also can the reaction of your Maine Coon differ from brand to brand.
In terms of price and quality, there are quite some differences.
Initially the more expensive brands, you can buy at the pet store, seem much more expensive than the cheap brands in the supermarket, but you may be wrong. First, there is often a difference in the quality of the food. In common, your cat will be somewhat healthier and looks better with the more expensive food, because that brands often spend more on research.
Furthermore, often they eat quite a bit more of the cheaper food, because the nutritious level is often lower. This will result also in more use of the litter box, which must be more cleaned and refilled.
Often it is also a side effect of more expensive food, that you wont smell the litter box as much as with the other food.

All in all, it might not be so much cheaper and without cons as you expected. Besides of the money, it's worth something if the cats are more happy and healthier.

Below a list can be found with some food which should or shouldn't be edible for your Maine Coon, among others out of the experience of the Dutch forum members. However it should be well prepared and in small amounts.
Providing these products is at your own risk and therefore there are no guarantees that your own Maine Coon also can eat this with or without problems!

  • Bovine heart
  • Lamb hear
  • Bovine meat
  • Lamb meat
  • Cooked chicken (slice)
  • Cooked fish
  • Tuna cans
  • Cheese
  • Herring
  • Sardines
  • Atlantic Cod
  • Pollack
  • Whiting
  • Cauliflower
  • Brown beans
  • Cabbage

Not edible
  • chocolate (very bad)
  • cookies
  • fresh water fish
  • pork meat
  • raw chicken (salmonella)
  • cow milk (diarrhoea)

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