Listen Everyone!


I just had the best experience ever! Today my boyfriend picked me up in a limousine from SACRAMENTO LIMOUSINE as a surprise!! OMG! I cannot believe it right now. Today is my birthday and I did not really expect much, but he got me! He totally for me and surprised me. For the the first time ever I really feel like I found, “the one”.

This man treats me so well sometimes I do not get it. I ask myself if I deserve such a man in my life. Like, wow God, thank you for noticing the good I have done. Thank you for providing me with a partner that really is a genuine, caring person. It is rare to find a true love and I found it.

Later after he picked me up from the Limo we went to dinner to the Cheesecake factory. They have the best salmon and kale salad there. It is to die for. We had dessert and some wine, it was a blast. We ran into a couple of friends from high school which they were nice to see again.

He then took me to a romantic park where there were a lot of beautiful fountains and a pond.

I was looking into the stars when I suddenly hear beautiful music to play in the background. I turn around and….

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5 Facts about Mexicans


5 facts about Mexicans

Here is the thing, I am a Mexican-American female living in America. America is a very diverse place with all types of cultures, races, genders, languages, and traditions. I live in American and visit Mexico from time to time to visit family and vacation. One thing I have noticed is that all cultures have differences and commonalities. The commonalties of all Mexicans I have seen are as follows:

  1.      We love Limón and Chile: Mexicans love chile and limon to a whole other level. Mexicans put this stuff on almost everything. They put it on fruit, corn, tacos, soup, snowcones, icees, hotdogs, sandwhiches, beer, seafood, water, and the list goes on and on. (We) Mexicans love limon and chile!
  2.      Mexicans try to sell everything: While visiting  the beautiful city of Guadalajara and walking around the plazas I noticed something. There was a Mexican outside selling almost anything I needed or wanted. On the street I could have bought: batteries, shoes, a back massager, designer handbags( not sure if real), fruit, tacos, hotdogs, phones, puppies, juice, wedding dress, chips, ice cream, lollipop, my windows cleaned, gum, handmade wooden bookmarks, toys, my fortune read by a parrot, a coconut, phone charger, candy, jewelry, watches, boots, and more. While visiting Galt, California I was able to find these same things by the children of those Mexicans in Mexico. I respect the hustle though.
  3.      Mexicans Hustle: Yes, they try to sell everything, but they are working. I respect this so much more than beggers on the street. Atleast those Mexicans that are selling everything are working for themselves and there families. They are doing it themselves instead of crying to the government for help.
  4.      You hear a bell sound and immediately start looking for the Elote guy: Usually after church or while around in the park you hear these bike bell sounds. You then turn to your mom and dad and ask for a few dollars so that you can buy an elote with “the works”. If you do not know what that is here you go: Mayo, cheese, chile, and maybe limon.
  5.      You have a huge family: You have 23 Tios and Tias. You have 89 cousins and second cousins. You have a whole side of family that you haven’t met once in your life that lives somewhere else in the world. Now you have a place to stay when you want to travel. You go to your tias house in Chihuahua, Mexico that you haven’t seen since you were two.

Mexicans. I know because I am one.

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Not Normal

taylor 3


I just feel different.

For some reason I just cannot conform to the rules of society.

I think I’m special, and of course everybody says that about themselves, but I really think I AM.

Ever since I saw the documentary the secret my life has been definitely different.  I believe that nowadays with new technology and the Internet that if you work hard enough that you can find a way to not work the average 8 to 5. I’ve been told my whole life go to school find a good job and get a  401(k) but I don’t think that’s normal anymore or should be normal anymore.

Every day I dread going to work I don’t like what I am doing. I’m stuck in a cubicle all day sitting on my butt just constantly on the computer. My back continuously hurts and I’m always tired. Everyone around me just eats and talks mess  about other people  and the person next to me is just there  complaining about how she hates her job and I also have people who I sit next to to annoy the crap out of me.

I know there’s a better way and I know I’m capable of finding a better way. So far I’ve been learning for about a year now since last August and I learned so much this year. I’ve been kind of a slow turtle in the process but at the same time I’ve learned so much and I change my ways. I know very very soon soon than I probably think I’m going to land my first client is going to Pay me on a monthly basis and I can’t wait.

I know all my  work has been for something I know that everything I’ve learned has been for something and I’m so anxious to finally get that client so that I can show myself and actually prove to myself that I can do it. I think now is the time to start learning about SalesTax  it’s because I think that’s my weakness and in order to improve you need to focus on your weaknesses because your strings already are shrinks you got to focus on your’s weaknesses.

I also got to find new marketing tactics so that I can find business owners and see what their ass like they can find me to make you come to me and send it to them. I’m going to kill my job I just know I am.


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Messi is a BALLER.


Messi scored his 301 goal in the Spanish league on Wednesday, February 17, 2016. Against sporting Gijon messy opening the scoring with a low shot in the 25th minute and added his second from close range, four minutes after sporting equalized in a breakaway. Luis Suarez also scored for Barcelona.

Messi is the Spanish leaves all time scoring leader with 301 goals in 334 games. He alone scored 15 goals this season. Coach Enrique said it is a privilege to be able to count on Leo.

“We face difficulties against a team that knows how to defend well, but I think we played a very complete game. ” – Coach Enrique

Barcelona has one 12 out of their last 13 games. The previous winning streak was 31  games. Barcelona’s biggest lead had been four points in November.

No other team has had more than the two point advantage in the standings a season.They say it has not been easy because their opponents have extra motivation to be de they say it has not been easy because their opponents have extra motivation to beat them.  We know that that’s not true because they’re blowing everyone out of the water.

Wednesday’s game was postponed because Barcelona was playing in the club World Cup in Japan another tournament that they won. Messi had long-range shot but hit the far corner but then he quickly scored a quick strike after a pass by Suarez.

Neymar struck the post with a remarkable shot but he did not make the goal. The game was extra special for the coach because he grew up with the sporting coach and they remain good friends.

Messi is just the best soccer player of all time in the world and we all need to learn what he’s doing and how he’s doing and how is maintaining great shape how he’s a good person like what are you doing Messi ?

You are making the rest of us look horrible. I mean the people who have also played soccer their  whole lives. Hello give a chance ha ha. Messi is  doing what he does best.

Here is a video of proof of why he is the best:


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The entire world is Welcomed!


Hey world. My name is Taylor and this is my main blog site. I am a 35 year old Woman living in a suburban area in California.

I have 2 your boys that are going to college and trying to find jobs. I have a loving husband that I adore and 3 dogs.

I love writing about new information I learn everyday.

My top 5 favorite things are:

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Health
  4. Gratitude
  5. Laughter

More things I love:

  1. Sandwiches
  2. Pizza
  3. My dogs
  4. Comedy clubs
  5. Fideo – This is a Mexican soup that is super delicious

We all have one chance at this life and I plan on living everyday with gratitude, joy, and happiness. I love to GIVE. I am a real empath because I am a very emotional person, but I think that is my strength. I am very caring and kind and would rather give everything that I have to my family and expect nothing in return. I love humanity and hope that Earth last a really long time.

I hope that everyone enjoys the things that I have to say.

Thanks so much, More to come soon






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